How to study with a study partner!

Do you prefer to study on your own or together with a study partner?

Sometimes it is necessary that you study with someone, for example if you have to present a project together. But how can you best study together without being distracted?

When picking a study partner, think about who you pick. Your best friend is a lot of fun of course but what's also important is that you can motivate each other to study hard and make it before deadlines.

Once you have found the right partner, you start by connecting calendars so that you both can never miss a deadline. Then you can exchange and compare notes via the Scribzee app. Study these together as well as alone. Then test each other's knowledge by asking questions. Is your study partner not available? Then you can always use the Flashcard quiz function to test yourself.

Then find out where there are any problem areas for each of you. This way you can help motivate and help each other.

Now the intention is that you motivate each other not to give up or postpone by scheduling learning and break moments. Try to discover how long you can study and when it is time to take a break. This way you can make a study schedule that you both can stick to.

Good luck!