Tips for better focus while studying.

With the start of a new year often start good intentions. Have you made your lists? Our guess is that there is also something in the direction of rather start learning keys or better prepare for tests. Right? In this blog we give you some tips better focus while studying.

Reduce distractions

Clean up your desk, put your phone on do not disturb and turn off the TV. With Apple's new iOS update you can easily use automated and personalized 'do not disturb' functions. For example, you can leave your mail on but all other apps 9 to 5 on Do Not Disturb. It is obviously very tempting to make a huge to-do list but: do not write more than three tasks and work on them one by one. Do this to reduce your stress and keep your tasks organized.

Write it down

If you notice that your head is full of thoughts and to-do's and your focus is gone; write them off in your notebook and try to meditate and then try again.

Set priorities

Write down the top three tasks your notebook It does not matter how big or small. The most important tasks will already in your mind so you should be able to write them down without a problem. Give them a number or color depending on how important the task is and how fast the job should be finished. Start at the major to-do and work your way down.


Do not work eight hours at a stretch but take short breaks. Make a cup of coffee, a short walk in your lunch break or call a friend / girlfriend! The pomodoro technique here is also very convenient: 20 or 25 minutes of work, 5 minute break. Repeat this four times and after these four rounds reward yourself with a longer 15 minute break.

Still looking for the perfect learning method for you? Perhaps the Oxford Flashcards work for you. How do you study with flashcards? We wrote a blog about studying with flashcards, you can read it here.