Why everyone should study using flashcards

Do you want to learn words, mathematical formulas and concepts in a fun and interactive way? Then use flashcards for your next test!

A lot of scientific research has been done into the effect of flashcards. The experts agree that regular
use of flashcards has a positive contribution to memorizing the material.
The process of compiling and describing the cards themselves, followed by regular
self-assessment, ensures that students remember teaching material 3 to 6 times better.
The principle is simple: flashcards are cardboard cards where you write the question on
the front of the card and the correct answer on the back. Since it is practically not
possible to make a flashcard from the entire course material, compiling and making the flashcards is already an important
part of studying. By putting together your flashcard deck you already determine what
you think are the most important topics you should know. There are tons of different
ways to create, use and personalize flashcards.

Tip: Search Instagram for the hashtag #flashcards to get inspiration on how to make
(and use) flashcards and how great it can look.

When you have all the flashcards ready, you can start to test yourself.
Shuffle the cards so that they are no longer in a logical order and go through all
the cards one by one. If you know the correct answer, you put the cards on the "good"
pile. If you don't know the answer, put the card on the "wrong" pile. You can repeat
the cards that you do not know very well. The ultimate goal is to answer all cards
correctly so that you are sure that you have mastered all the material.

Flashcards can be used for almost all subjects and subjects. In order to keep them apart, it is wise
to provide the flashcards with a color or characteristic per section. Of course, you can
also buy flashcards with pre-printed colored borders, which is just as convenient.

Do you want to study in a smart and fun way? Then definitely try flashcards, you will be
amazed at the result!