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OXFORD Touareg folder cardboard A4 80 mm cardboard beige white

Duurzaam design
Het duurzame Touareg assortiment is gemaakt van gerecycled materiaal. Touareg is een moderne range met een strak en elegant design en gemaakt van stevig karton. De kraftkleur in combinatie met natuurlijke tinten vergemakkelijken het opbergen.
  • €6,40

  • Storage space
    The Touareg binder has a spine width of 80mm, a capacity of 600 sheets and a self-adhesive spine label.
  • PEFC certified
    The Touareg range is provided with the PEFC eco-label certificate. The paper and cover are made from unbleached paper pulp. The printing inks used are 100% water-based.
  • Features
    The binder is 2 rings, has a grab hole and Rado slots. This binder has a binder mechanism that always closes perfectly.
  • Product Details
  • A4 Format
  • 80mm back
  • Capacity approx. 600 pages
  • 2 rings
  • 100% Recyclable cardboard
  • Metal reinforcement at the base
  • Eyelet hole, Rado system and metal compressor, adhesive back label to match the file