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OXFORD Task Manager 125x200 mm 70 sheets 90g assorted

Beheer to-do's effectief en eenvoudig
Ontdek de Office Essentials Task Manager om je eigen to-do lijstjes eenvoudig en effectief te beheren. Creëer je to-do lijstjes en houdt je vooruitgang in de gaten.
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  • Special linature
    This product has the following dimensions: 12.5x20cm. Has a special liner for managing to-do lists and 70 micro-perforated sheets.
  • Elegant appearance and maximum comfort
    Black plasticized double spiral binding to open the notebook completely flat for maximum comfort. Sturdy, hard-wearing polypropylene cover with an elegant metallic finish.
  • OXFORD Optik Paper®
    The exclusive Oxford Optik Paper® is certified with both the EU Ecolabel (guarantees that the environmental impact is low throughout the life cycle of the paper) and the PEFC ™ certificate (sustainable forest management).
  • Compatible with the free Scribzee® app
    Scan, save and share your notes.
  • Product Details
  • 12,5x20cm Notepad, Specific grid for managing to-do lists, 140 microperforated pages.
  • Extra-white and smooth 90g OPTIK PAPER® to write on both sides of the page with no show-through of ink.
  • Specific lined ruling with tick boxes to make a note and then manage tasks and lists. The ruling also includes a header to indicate the name of the list and margins for dates or deadlines.
  • Black plastic-coated twin-wire binding provides durability whilst allowing the notepad to lay flat or fold back 360° for maximum comfort and flexibility. Soft card cover with protective glossy finish in assorted colours.
  • Compatible with the free Scribzee® smartphone application to scan, save and organise your notes.
  • OXFORD's exclusive Optik Paper® has received both EU Ecolabel (low environmental impact of the paper mills supplying the paper) and PEFC™ certification (sustainable forest management).
  • Task Manager comes with a simple organisation method printed inside the front cover to manage tasks more effectively.
  • Suitable for managing task lists at home or at the office.
  • The back cover includes a rigid backboard to take notes comfortably, even when standing up.