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  • 400096929

OXFORD Spot Notes sticky notes yellow pack of 6 pieces

Nooit meer notities vergeten of verliezen
Heb je de gewoonte om korte maar belangrijke stukjes informatie op kleine stukjes papier te schrijven en ze dan te vergeten als ze niet meer voor je liggen? SPOT NOTES zijm slimme memo blokjes die je ook nog eens kunt inscannen met de gratis Scribzee® smartphone app. Nu kun je je notities overal mee naartoe nemen en nooit iets belangrijks meer vergeten of verliezen!
  • €13,75

  • Quick Writing
    Blank sticky notes for writing down notes and reminders quickly.
  • Fast and easy
    Glued at the top for easy tearing and sticking.
  • Colorful
    The ideal partner for the desk, practical and colorful. You will receive these Spot Notes in the color yellow.
  • Contents
    Supplied in a pack of 6 pads, each pad contains 80 sheets.
  • Product Details
  • 7,5x7,5cm Sticky Notes, Plain, 80 sheets/pad.
  • 80g yellow paper.
  • Plain sheets in a practical square format that's large enough to make a list of your ideas or organise your notes as you want.
  • Head-glued sheets can easily be removed and repositioned.
  • Compatible with the free Scribzee® smartphone application to scan, save and organise your notes.
  • The perfect desk companion, both practical and colourful.
  • Repositionable sheets that stick to every surface.
  • Pack of 6 pads.