• 400075533

Oxford School

A4+ Soft Card Cover Twin Wire 4 Holes Collegeblock 5mm Squared 180 Pages Black Scribzee® Compatible

Made for college students
With this 4-holes punched, squared 5x5 mm, black A4+ college block from Oxford you are well prepared for all your classes. Material number: 400075533
  • €4,25

  • Guaranteed quality
    Thanks to the the high quality 90 grams Oxford Optik Paper® you can write on both sides of the paper without the ink showing through.
  • Easy filing
    The college blocks have detachable lined 4 holed sheets for easy filing.
  • Scan, save and share
    Scan and save all your notes on your phone with the free Scribzee® app, share with classmates and revise everywhere, anywhere and on all your devices.
  • Product Details
  • 180 pages
  • Twin wire for 360° opening
  • Squared 5mm
  • Micro-perforated pages allow easy storage
  • Cardboard cover
  • 4 holes
  • Size: A4+
  • With scanfunction