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OXFORD Boho Spirit

A5 Soft Cover Twin-wire Notebook Ruled120 Pages Elephant Design

Vrolijk design
Dit Boho Spirit A5 spiraalblok maakt het leuk om notities te schrijven! Dit notitieboek met olifant print heeft een unieke 'soft touch'-afwerking die een onverwacht fluweelachtig gevoel aan de omslag toevoegt.
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  • Double spiral
    The Boho Spirit notebooks have a double spiral binding to open your notebook 360° for maximum comfort and flexibility. The pages are lined and have a margin for organizing notes. The cover is finished with a soft touch finish.
  • Guaranteed quality
    Thanks to the 90 gram Oxford Optik Paper®, the paper is guaranteed of good quality, so you can write on both sides of the paper without ink showing through.

  • Sustainable
    Certified with the European EU Ecolabel. This quality mark guarantees that the environmental impact is low throughout the entire life cycle of the paper.

  • Scan, save and share
    Scan and save your notes to your phone with the free Scribzee® app, share them with classmates and study anytime, anywhere, on all your devices.
  • Product Details
  • A5 Notebook Ruled + Margin 120 Pages
  • Extra-white and smooth 90g OPTIK PAPER® to write on both sides of the page with no show-through of ink.
  • Ruled pages with margin. Non-perforated sheets
  • Black twin-wire binding allows the book to lay flat or fold back 360°.
  • Compatible with the free SCRIBZEE® smartphone application to scan, save, organise and search your notes.
  • EU Ecolabel certified - The EU Ecolabel certifies the reduced environmental impact of paper products across their lifecycle, from raw material through to end of life.
  • Information page at the front of the book for making a note of important information (dates, passwords, telephone numbers).